mPCIe Smart Gateway Card

Enable low-power long range capabilities to your new gateway design or existing gateway infrastructure by simply installing the card into your device. For use in LoRa®-based and LoRaWANTM networks.


8-Channel RF Concentrator

Monitoring and testing low-power long range networks has never been easier. OccamSmart’s 8-Channel RF Concentrator allows you to easily bring low-power long range capabilities to your computer by simply plugging in the device into a free USB port on your system.


Uplink Protocol Analyzer

Utilizing OccamSmart’s proprietary 8-Channel RF Concentrator, the Uplink Protocol Analyzer can intercept LoRa®-based and LoRaWAN™ networks’ traffic in the 915MHz and 868MHz bands, and utilize the industry standard Wireshark network protocol analyzer’s multiple analysis capabilities.


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