The FryMaster is used by the largest fast food chains to conserve oil, report oil levels, monitor performance, and calculate cook counts.

Project Summary


Food Processing



Business Situation

The FryMaster needed a re-designed control system to improve user friendly capabilities and labor-efficiency.

Technical Situation

This device had to perform hardware system requirements and generate a complete validation process before re-releasing to the market.


Occam Technology Group developed firmware of Microchip based commercial Low Oil Volume fast food fryer with automatic oil filtration.


We performed firmware re-design and sensory development using LON and CAN inter-connectivity to create a low oil volume fryer.


  • Design engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Hardware engineering
  • Sensory Development

Hardware Development and Re-Designed FryMaster


McDonald’s is one of the largest fast food chain companies in the world. This corporation needed a firmware re-design and sensory development capabilities to produce a Low Oil Volume fast food fryer. Occam Technology Group was able to generate a complete verification and validation process before releasing the product to the market. Their re-designed product made the fryers more user-friendly and labor efficient. Sensory motors allow fast food chains to monitor oil level, oil life, cook counts, and fryer performance.