custom hardware designs

Bringing your gateway infrastructure into the future and enabling low-power long range networks has never been easier. OccamSmart’s mPCIe Smart Gateway Card, for use in LoRa®-based and LoRaWAN™ networks, allows you to easily add low-power long range capabilities to your new gateway design or existing gateway infrastructure by simply installing the card into your device.

The mPCIe Smart Gateway Card delivers an easy-to-use solution for data communication in a long range, low power wireless LoRa®-based network.

Unlike other boards, the mPCIe Smart Gateway Card has a built-in host microcontroller that manages message timing for the LoRa® gateway chipset.

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Sensor technology

custom communication software

The Fanless Industrial USFF Edge Device is an advanced communication system that collects and stores data. The operator can view this data on other applications that are compatible.

This device has a unique cast aluminum chassis efficiently dissipates heat while allowing for space-saving mounting options such as VESA, wall, and DIN rail mounting. 

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visualization tools

With our expert engineers, we can custom tailor any hardware device you may need. Our advanced tools can uncover the deeper value of data and allow you to optimize your business to make analytics available to a larger audience.

OccamSmart has the in-house laboratory to ensure your product is designed faster and at a lower cost than competitors. 

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